Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir

Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir is one of the most prominent music companies of long standing in Russia.
It stands quite apart from the rest of similar companies for its unique repertoire covering nearly all types of Russian and West-European cantata and oratorio genres, ranging from Bach’s Mass in h-mall to the 20th-century music, as, for instance Britten’s War Requiem or Requiem by Alfred Schnitke. It has to its credit participation in opera stagings, therefore it includes the best of world opera pieces in its concert programmes. And yet, it is mostly devoted to what is spiritually the closest to the Yurlov Choir, Russian sacred music by Bortnyansky, Berezovsky, Kastalsky, Grechaninov, Chesnokov and Rachmaninov, among other Russian composers. It is also famous for its most inspired, vivid presentation of Russian folk songs.
Among its members are young talented singers, former graduates of the Moscow State Conservatory, the Russian Gnesins Music Academy, as well as other conservatories throughout Russia. Many of them graduated in both choir conducting and singing.
The Yurlov Choir is a regular participant in such Russian and international music festivals, as the Moscow Easter Festival, Internaional Festival of Sacred Music held in Vilnius and Kaunas, and International Festival of Church Music organized in Warsaw, Krakow and Belostok.
The company devotes much time to foreign tours, winning wide international acclaim since the inception of the “Yurlov era”. Its guest tour itinerary contains over twenty countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Chech Republic, Great Britain, among others. Its presentations, always sonorous, majestic and melodious, are enchanting, and their audiences are carried away, as foreign newspapers point out in their reviews. For the last five years the Choir gave more than 100 concerts in Russia and the world over, including the Russian Golden Ring cities of Rostov, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, etc., as well as cities in the Volga Area, the Urals and Siberia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Poland, North Korea and Spain.
The Choir director since 2004, Gennady Dmitryak is a prominent Russian choir and orchestra conductor. He is engaged in a great deal of concerts in Russia and outside it, apart from his activity as the head of the choir conducting department, holding the title of Professor at the Moscow State University of Art and Culture.
Gennady Dmitryak frequently appears as a jury member at international choir contests. For several years he had held the position of head of the choir and conducting master-class at the Summer Religious Academy in Serbia. He has had quite a few recordings of the four centuries of Russian sacred music made, and ten CDs produced as a result.
Gennady Dmitryak took great efforts to bring the Yurlov Choir’s art of singing to perfection and to widen the scope of its concert and educational activity. The Choir today is one of the most popular and successful music companies of Russia.
The Choir gives concerts together with such renowned companies, as the Svetlanov State Academic Symphony Orchestra, Novaya Rossia State Academic Orchestra, Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra under Pavel Kogan, Russian Cinematography SSO and others. In the last few years, the Yurlov choir appeared in concerts under many famous symphony orchestra conductors, among them are Gorenshtein, Bashmet, Kogan, Curentzis, Skripka, Nekrasov, Sladkovsky, Fedotov, Stadler, Schtrobel (Germany), and Kapasso.

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